Top 5 UK Universities Feature in Global Perfections of 2020 to 2022

The universities in the UK and the quality of studies over there is of high regard and it is respected around the world. Along with the high quality of studies, there is also a wide variety of subjects to select from. The options are extensive. A degree from the UK is going to be a great selling point for the students when they go to apply for jobs. Whether they apply for a job anywhere in the world a British degree is going to make the way of the student and open doors for better and new opportunities. All of this is because the standards of British Higher Secondary are very high for a long time and they have still maintained it. The teaching tactics and the facilities are revolutionary.

The UK is home to around 164 universities and higher education systems. There is a high rate of employability once you have completed your studies in the UK.

QS World University Rankings:

The universities keep improving their standards and providing and coming up with the best facilities for the students to stay at a level with other universities in the UK. There is a yearly ranking system known as QS World University Rankings. The system ranks the universities globally and also within the state. The ranking is based on the following aspects:

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Citations
  • Industry Income
  • International Outlook

These aspects are the performance breakdown of a university. According to the QS World University Rankings, the top 5 universities in the UK from 2020 to 2022 are:

QS World University Ranking 2020 – Top 5 Universities in the UK:

UK rank Global Rank University
1 4 University of Oxford
2 7 University of Cambridge
3 8 UCL (University College of London)
4 9 Imperial College London
5 20 University of Edinburgh


QS World University Ranking 2021 – Top 5 Universities in the UK:

UK rank Global Rank University
1 5 University of Oxford
2 7 University of Cambridge
3 8 Imperial College London
4 10 UCL (University College of London)
5 20 University of Edinburgh


QS World University Ranking 2022 – Top 5 Universities in the UK:

UK rank Global Rank University
1 2 University of Oxford
2 3 University of Cambridge
3 7 Imperial College London
4 8 UCL (University College of London)
5 16 University of Edinburgh

According to the QS World University Ranking, 2020 – 2022 the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge have maintained their first and second positions in the UK, respectively. Imperial College London showed progress in 2021 and got into the third position from the fourth position. UCL (University College of London) was in the third position in 2020 and after that secured the fourth position in the rankings. The University of Edinburgh has remained at the fifth position from 2020 to 2022.

The global rankings of the universities have improved drastically in 2022. The University of Oxford jumped from the fifth position to the second position, and The University of Cambridge jumped from the seventh position to the third position. Imperial College London improved from the eighth position to the seventh position. UCL improved from the tenth position to the eighth position. Last but not the least, the University of Edinburgh jumped from the twentieth position to the sixteenth position.

The universities have shown improvement in their standards and quality of teaching not only within the UK but also globally attracting international students.

The University of Oxford:

The University of Oxford is the best university in the UK and the second-best in the whole world. It is ranked number 1 in the QS global subject rankings for arts and humanities. They offer excellent research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

The University of Cambridge:

The University of Cambridge has 23,000 students from around 140 countries. They offer courses in humanities, social sciences, sciences, and engineering. It has one of the largest libraries and museums in the world. The Bodleian Library has 11 million volumes and a collection of early books and manuscripts whose value is immeasurable. The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archeology has priceless and famous huge collections of art ranging from Egyptian mummies to contemporary art.

Imperial College London:

Imperial College London is the only university that focuses entirely on science, engineering, medicine, and business. It has reputable researchers and employers. It has remarkable distinctive research work in the field of science and technology.

UCL (University College of London:

UCL has a high standard of world-class research and the research work has a global influence and impact. UCL has a history of academic excellence.

University of Edinburgh:

The University of Edinburgh is ranked first for both educational and sports and exercise sciences research power. They are consistently securing their place in the top positions by providing global education and sports-related studies.

These top 5 universities have reached this place because they focus on the research work and the quality of the work. They provide the students with the best facilities and resources. These universities have been providing students with excellent academic materials and research. The lecturers also help the students to improve themselves and do proper research work. The students are encouraged to do proper research in the given field and come up with high-quality work.

The universities in the UK have cultural diversity as the international students are welcomed over there, and there are a variety of courses with high quality of teaching and education. The students develop a wide range of skills while their time at the university.

All of the research work can become hard and difficult to manage. The students have to provide the lecturers with assignments that are of high standards. If someone has gotten admission to one of these universities they have to maintain an excellent record to get the degree and since the degree of these universities is going to be the major selling point for achieving a successful career the assignments have to be of high quality. With the help of the University Assignment Writing Help Service, high-quality assignments can be obtained and the students can also get help from it or also take it as a guide.


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