Students With Exam Anxiety Could Sit in Papers at Different Times?

Covid’19: The Beginning of Loss of Human Interaction:

The world was not ready for Covid’19. Everyone panicked when it suddenly arrived and within months the whole world was affected by it. No one could understand how to manage things during the times when Covid’19 was at its peak and it felt like everything is going to end.

Lockdowns, restrictions, home isolation, quarantine, and bans were imposed everywhere on everything. The world saw how many people were dying daily because of the pandemic. People throughout the world were depressed and felt they had no control over the situation. They were isolated and felt trapped not being able to help anyone. Not even able to help their own family and friends. They lack social interactions, human interaction, and human touch. However, as the time passed things got better. People became habitant of the Covid’19 virus and learned to live with it. Lockdowns and restrictions were lifted and people slowly began to come back to normal life.

The world thought that they have overcome the depressing times that they have gone through during the Covid’19 pandemic. But, somewhere people have gotten mentally weak because of that. They think twice before interacting with someone. They are scared to build new relations. They are scared to socialize. They are scared of judgments. Everyone thought that since the Covid’19 wave has weakened the world is going to recover mentally too. But, just like everyone was clueless during the beginning of Covid’19 that how are we going to manage this pandemic. Similarly, now everyone is clueless yet again about the fact that how are we going to socialize and get back to normal life. How are we going to get used to human touch and human interactions?

How has Covid’19 Affected the Students?

The aftermath of the Covid’19 virus has imposed its impact on students too. During Covid’19 all the universities, schools, and colleges were closed. For a long time, the educational institutions also didn’t know what to do and how to manage the situation. The students were not studying and just staying in their homes for a long time. Then the solution of online classes was brought. The students started to study through online classes. They didn’t have anyone looking over at them while they were attempting their exams. They were at their homes giving presentations and attempting exams. These exams were held online, and their presentations and assignments were taken online. It is not going to be wrong if we say that the studies were easy during the pandemic. There was no proper routine and there were online submissions making the students lazy and actually enjoying the easy online classes.

The students had to go through a lot of shocks during the entire pandemic. Firstly, they were studying according to their routine and the pandemic suddenly hit the world, then there was a long gap, then online classes were introduced and then the lockdown and restrictions over educational institutions were lifted.

When the students returned back to their routine after lockdown. They face problems in interacting with their fellow students and teachers. They were scared to share their opinions face to face in front of the class and their teachers. They had this thought that the other class fellows might judge them. They had anxiety during exams over the fact that there are so many invigilators and they are being watched. Their performance is going to be analyzed in front of the whole class.

A growing number of students had exam anxiety and they asked to sit their papers away from the school halls and auditoriums they wanted to give their exams online. They feared that they might not perform well and will forget the answers. The schools took measures and helped the students during such times by cooperating with them and solving their queries personally.

This issue of the students should be resolved and the students should be taken care of. The students should be taught how to deal with Exam Anxiety and they should learn about it.

How to Deal with Exam Anxiety:

Do Preparation:

During Covid’19 the students were not preparing for their exams very well. The students should be encouraged to prepare well before the exams. The students should be given mini-quizzes before exams so that they can prepare for their final exams in episodes. This will give them confidence that they are going to the exam hall fully prepared.

Take Care of Your Health:

Make sure to take care of your health, eat and sleep properly. If you haven’t eaten or slept then the student is not going to perform well during the examination. Engage the students in healthy activities by arranging events in which they can enjoy and get social with other pupils. Encourage doing exercise.

Accept Mistakes:

Accept the mistakes of the students and encourage them to accept their mistakes too. Let them know there is always room for improvement and they are going to be better when they’ll work harder next time.

Practice Time Management:

Make sure to encourage the students to manage time so that they can eat, sleep, study, play, and socialize.

Stress Management:

Learn relaxing activities and don’t focus on irrelevant thoughts. Try deep breathing exercises and relax before exams.

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