Why Oxford and Cambridge Universities are Best in the World for Arts and Humanities Subjects

This world is filled with different subjects. There is a vast variety of diverse subjects and students’ favorite subjects. Art and Humanities is one of many studies, which are students’ favorite. Arts and Humanities are the study of how humans have been expressing themselves, their cultures, and achievements throughout history by the use of arts and humanities. These studies are very rich and have a variety of subjects and branches.
Humanities include philosophy, languages, literature, psychology, sociology, political science, religion, and history. On the other hand, art is related to music, sculpting, painting, theatre, creative writing, etc.

The QS World University Rankings by Subject:

The QS World University Rankings by Subject ranks the top universities of the world on the basis of the subjects. The ranking system covers 51 subjects. This ranking system aids the students in selecting the best university for the subject and the career they want to pursue in the future.
The QS World University Ranking by Subject uses 5 key components to score the universities. The 5 key components include:
Research Citations Per Paper.
Academic Reputation.
Employer Reputation.
International Research Network.

Both Cambridge and Oxford University were according to the standards of the ranking system which is the main reason why it has been ranked as the best university for Art and Humanities.
The University of Oxford has secured first place in the ranking and the University of Cambridge has secured second place in the ranking.
Both the university has various departments and offers the students with various facilities and tries to bring out the best in them.


The departments of Arts and Humanities at Cambridge University are:
• Architecture and History of Art
• Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
• Classics
• Divinity
• English
• Modern and Medieval Languages
• Music
• Philosophy
• CRASSH (Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities.)
• Language Centre
• Centre for Future of Intelligence
• Language Sciences
• Digital Humanities
• Film and Screen

In all the departments of the University of Cambridge, the faculty includes reputable researchers and ground-breaking practitioners who have been awarded prestigious prizes for the work and research they have done so far. The departments and the lecturers encourage the students to get close to the beliefs, cultures, and thoughts of the people living across the world. Academic development is also focused to develop concepts and make the student a distinguished thinker in the future. The concepts of the students are strengthened by teaching them about the cultures, history, art, philosophy, sociology, languages, politics, and contemporary culture of the various people.
Each and every department has its own library with tons of monographs, volumes, and research work in them. The students have access to them and can do their research about the various cultures, concepts, philosophies, languages, history, and art.


The Division of Humanities at the University of Oxford includes:
• Rothermere American Institute
• Ruskin School of Art
• Classics
• English Language and Literature
• History
• History of Art
• Linguistics, Philosophy, and Phonetics
• Medieval and Modern Languages
• Music
• Oriental Studies
• Philosophy
• Theology and Religion
• TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities
• Voltaire Foundation

The University of Oxford has 4 divisions and Humanities is one of them including the faculties and the Ruskin School of Art. This division offers a wide range of subjects to the students and provides them with an understanding of arts and humanities. The studies learn from music and fine arts to ancient and modern languages. The faculties that the University of Oxford has in their Humanities Division are one of the largest and unparalleled.

At The University of Oxford, the students are offered libraries and museums. The Bodleian Library has 11 million volumes and a collection of early books and manuscripts whose value is immeasurable. The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archeology has priceless and famous huge collections of art ranging from Egyptian mummies to contemporary art.

Both the universities are providing the students with high-quality facilities and world-class lecturers. Both the universities offer the students post-graduate and undergraduate diplomas and certificates. The students are supervised by the world’s best researchers and lecturers throughout the courses. The assignments of Higher National Diplomas can be really difficult to do. The libraries, facilities, and researchers at these universities provide the students with HND Assignment Help UK.

The students are forced to test their limits in these universities. They are encouraged to become the best versions of themselves and create and come up with unique concepts through which they can express themselves and their thoughts. The study of Art and Humanities is a way to get connected to people of all ages across the world. It is not that easy to get connected to so many minds and understand them and their beliefs. The University of Cambridge and The University of Oxford have worked very hard in gathering the best reputable researchers and practitioners to structure and polish the minds of the coming generations.
The universities and the lecturers promote among students that proper research work is important to communicate to the people through your art this is the reason why the students are taught philosophy, religions, sociology, cultures, history, etc.

The universities have proved their academic and research excellence. These universities are home to one of the best and most talented researchers in the world. The University of Oxford and The University of Cambridge allow the researchers to explore and come up with exciting and out-of-the-box projects and research.
Allowing the students to explore themselves, their thoughts and beliefs, giving them material for research, guiding them throughout the process, and providing the students access to valuable books, monographs, and volumes is the reason why these universities have produced talented researchers and are widely known for that. This is the reason these universities have been ranked as the best in the world for their department of art and humanities.

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