10 Best UK Festivals to Experience Before You Die

UK Festivals have taken a bit of beating in recent years. The British festivals should be messy in contrast. A little bit of rain and wind is very much sure. Yet the senses. The senses are unique. So a lot of debate about Brits’ festival season is superior in contrast to others. Apart from the atmosphere, the quantity of musical variety provides a mind-blowing. So, you can campfire at a boutique indie festival. And obtain a few certain mosh pit actions on rock fest downloads. Or rave till the initial hours on the 24-7 dance marathon before the start of the festivals.

There are a lot of the newest Welsh language music you can find.  As well claim about you in some way get the tickets to Glastonbury. Or as well surf beside the setlist in Cornwall. Hence this year, there are a few latest festivals as well. Such as a one-day party from NTS Radio and an outdoor camping fest from Nightclub Fabric.

Top UK Festivals to Experience in 2024

1. Latitude, Suffolk

Ideal for: Laidback fun

This is a great choice for families and also every person. Latitude glows with a calm, broad air.  So, performing arts are a large aspect of the festivals and also the music. Thus, there will be great comedy, poetry, and historical readings.  Since 2023, a variety of award-winning players have taken to plenty of stages. It implies this is rather for all types of festival goers. As well do not forget to create many of the deluxe woodland setting, that is ideal for returning to nature. Likewise, to 2022, food is set to be one of the big aspects of the Brit festival in 2023. There will be tons of worldwide dishes on offer.

Top names: Pulp, Paolo Nutini, and George Ezra

Do not miss The extreme lounge arena for art and film connections. As well as luxurious treats and sofas to calm yourself and take in the DJ sets. 

A place to eat:  The theatre of food is the ideal place to eat. Because the place has extra cooking studios food demos, barbecues, and as well foodie discos. 

Address: Latitude, Henham Park, Suffolk 

2. Camp Bestival, Dorset

2. Camp Bestival, Dorset

Ideal for: family-friendly fun

Ideal for: family-friendly fun

It is known as the little sister of the now unhappily obsolete Bestival and fancied up by similar artistic minds. These are DJ Rob Da Bank and his wife Rosie. So Camp festival quit few of the messy of its elder sibling and leaves in large at family vibes.  But then yet with plenty to provide celebrators of every age of people. Performs in earlier years have added Jess Glynne, The Human League, DJ Yoda, and Sister Sledge. Since a lot of others predicted, there are also a brilliant amount of games, and activities accessible to kids. Which is creating it firm family favorite festival. So the theme for 2023 is Animal Snap. Make over the famous grounds of Lulworth Castle into a magical zoo. 

Top names:  Grace Jones, Craig David, The Kooks, Ella Henderson

Do not miss: The open-air cinema 

Where to holiday: There are a lot of places to holiday like Bell tents, and gypsy bell top caravans create a sweeter camping experience. 

Address: Camp Bestival, Lulworth Castle, Dorset

3. Glastonbury, Somerset

3. Glastonbury, Somerset

Ideal for Ticking for an Uber festival from the wish list

Ideal for: Ticking for an Uber festival from the wish list

The behemoth is not ever exactly a small affair. But then the next upcoming Glastonbury festival is sure to become larger as compared to the usual festival. There will be millions of people who are searching for tickets later the 2022 festival. This was joined by owners of 2019 tickets courtesy of COVID-19. 2022 performed like a late 50th anniversary with Diana Rose who is claiming a legendary spot at the pyramid stage end to end with some big names like Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney, and Kendrick Lamar. So Glastonbury is about to experience more than just music. Hence there will be plenty of fun to watch. Like woodland yoga sessions to whole night parties and foodie pop-ups and talks. 

Top Names: Elton John, Arctic Monkey, and Guns N Roses are featured as well as performances from Lizzo and Lewis Capaldi.  

Do not miss Shangra-La, a wild, chaotic party world of its own, with plenty of performances of DJ sets.

Address: Glastonbury, Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset 

4. Standon Calling, Hertfordshire

4. Standon Calling, Hertfordshire 

Ideal for: Indie Kids

Ideal for: Indie Kids

Whereas this festival is famous for its electric atmosphere, this event is just small enough to keep a boutique feel even though as the closest camping festival to London.  The festival of 2022 was attended by many big names like Madness, Annie Marie, and Loyle Carner. But in 2023 line up is set to become among the most electric so far.

Top Names: Years and years, self-esteem, bloc party, and the Human League 

Do not miss:  Yoga brunch in the best safety area

Address: Standon Calling, Standon Lordship, Standon Hertfordshire

5. Wilderness, Corn bury Park Oxford Shire

Ideal for: Clean boutique vibe  

Wilderness has built up to be some extent loyal in the upcoming years. So it is not tough to realize why when you are in its extensive, fairylike woodland play area housed in the Corn bury Park estate. There will be some big indie-name headliners rubbing shoulders with hip-choice acts, comedian authors, etc. 

Top Names: Fatboy slim, the chemical brothers

Do not miss: The Juke Joint, a close area of global sounds, dancing, and a party atmosphere.

Address: Wilderness festival, Corn bury Park, Oxford Shire

6. Houghton Festival, Norfolk

Houghton Festival, Norfolk

Ideal for: Standard sound systems and DJ sets to contest

Ideal for: Standard sound systems and DJ sets to contest

The Houghton crew is coming back for 2023 and the crew is preparing to surprise where they left. This crew was created by Craig Richard of Legendary London Club Fabric and a few of the team’s late Gottwood festivals. So Houghton has a vibe which firmly electronic, with a glittering choice of DJs. Hence, makers give secretive house, techno, disco, and left-field grooves in tucked-away forest paradise.

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Top Names: Adam Shelton, Danielle

Do not miss:  The electric art spread all over the site, like the statue park 

Address: Houghton Festival, Houghton Hall, Kings Lynn Norfolk 

7. Green Man, Brecon Beacons, Wales

Green Man, Brecon Beacons, Wales

Ideal for: Creative minds

Ideal for: Creative minds

A top candidate for the most lovely UK festival environment. The location of it’s in the Welsh Brecon Beacons. So, Green Man has handle to keep its independent, arty ethos, even though it has the rising popularity in the past couple of years. There will be every kind to get stuck into, from sound therapy sessions to active debates and science workshops. And not be unable to call to mind a very selective cast which will be gladness, indie, and alternative rock fans. Hence it is a carefully family-friendly event, with plenty of loads to keep the kids like as entrained being the parents. 

Top Names: Devo, Slowdive, Buck Meek

Do not miss: Nature Develop, where you will come across mindful sketching sessions, massage therapies, and reviving top clubs. 

Address: Green Man, Crick Howell, Brecon, Beacon, Wales

8. Boardmasters, Cornwall


Ideal for: Beachside lounging

It was null and void on the 11th hour in 2019. Because of the rough weather warnings and null and void in 2020 as well. But then surf they are come in 2023 festival and located on the west coast of Cornwell. There are a lot of activities to encourage outdoor kinds. As well safety workshops and yoga sessions. Once you need to few calm and relaxed, then you have to simply find the ideal place at the beach and kick back.

Top names: Lorde, Liam Gallagher, Florence and the Machine

Do not miss: The Net Loft, a working fisherman cottage hosting close shows and active knees ups. 

Address: Board masters, Fistral beach and Watergate Bay, Newquay, Cornwall

9. Lost Village, Lincolnshire

Lost Village, Lincolnshire

Ideal for: Exploratory raving

Ideal for: Exploratory raving

There are tons of festivals where you can explore the forest. But then no one can quite such as Lost Village where you will face wild houses and vehicles, old airports, woodland trails, and other secretive scenes. So, if you want to prefer to relax instead of roaming there are also banquets and a wide range of wellness programs, with comedy, talk interviews, and free workshops. Hence music on Lost Village will be awesome.

Top Names: Barry cannot swim, Bonobo, Four Tet

Do not miss The energy garden, with hot tubs, Finnish Suana, etc.

Address: Lost Village Festival, Lincolnshire

10. We Out Here, Cambridge Shire

We Out Here, Cambridge Shire

Even though it only started in 2009. We out here have already collected greatly helpful responses and a sizable buzz. So there will be a lot of big names like famous DJ and broadcaster Gilles Peterson in the musical driving seat. With the lovely countryside environment as well the site to revered old festival Secret Garden Party.

Top Names: Sun RA, Arkestra, Black Midi, Cymande

Do not miss: The big, image swimming lake, ideal for cooling off. So, if the weather goes rough

Address: We Out Here, Abbots Ripton, Cambridge Shire 

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