8 Tips for Teaching Online and In Person Simultaneously

All are aware of the current state of the pandemic. As a result, everybody must keep their distance, wear masks, and use hand sanitizer. As a result, educational institutions are considering how to teach students. As a result, they plan to teach some students on campus while others will be taught online. Professors may become overwhelmed as a result of attempting to cater to two audiences using these methods, and they may be concerned that online students will have a poor learning experience.

Teaching online and in the classroom at the same time is difficult, but using instructional methods that embody the course’s educational design can provide a rich and robust learning environment for both groups of students. There are many services that act both online and in-person simultaneously. Even many companies have to work online due to pandemics and even they don’t give permission to their employees for working in an office. Here are some tips for teaching online and in-person simultaneously.

 Focus on Both Audience(Online and Physical)

It’s important to pay attention to all groups because if you just pay attention to those on campus, it would be difficult to pay attention to those that are online. I understand how difficult it is to pay attention to both audiences, but if the institute intends to provide hybrid courses, it should also handle all aspects of the process so that all students are handled fairly.

 Create a Course Summary According to Timing and Remembering of Situation

Teachers should keep the course outline shorter than in a traditional course because taking online courses is difficult due to the numerous issues that may arise for any student. As a result, some students may be unable to attend class due to internet problems or other issues. As a result, the teacher should have the previous lecture repeated in the next session. It will assist students who did not attend the previous class in learning as much as those who did attend the previous class.

Use Microphone For Both Audience

The in-person audience may have to maintain a safe distance, so some students will be forced to sit last. The instructor can use Bluetooth microphones, which will allow every student to listen attentively and will also benefit online students because talking without microphones is difficult. It means you’ll have to speak louder because you’ll be teaching students on campus, which could trigger an echo (sounding doubling). As a result, it would be extremely difficult for online students to comprehend.

Allow Students to Chat for Any Query

It can be difficult for online students to get their professor’s attention. So, if we ask a question when we’re giving a lecture, they may be afraid. As a result, many students don’t even ask questions when they don’t understand anything. As a result, the teacher should enable chat mode, allowing students to type any questions they have, which the teacher can see while he or she is not giving a lecture and respond to.

Use Those Tools Which Can be Beneficial For Both Audience

Most online students believe that we do not attend classes because they are not engaged. To solve this issue, you can organize a quiz or schedule your grades based on some management, such as class participation or attendance. Students will attend lectures and be involved in class if you coordinate these types of approaches.

There are many tools that can be more beneficial for students. Even they are used like games students will think they are playing games and they show more interest in them like Kahoot. Kahoot is an application that helps students to play games like mind games etc.

Recommend Student to Use Other Technologies to Interact With an Online Audience

You should use technologies like canvas quiz through which you will take attendance. This is very important to keep in mind that don’t be strict with any student in this hard time. so always make sure during making a quiz that is it legit for students? Keep in mind the situation because this is a very hard time for everyone so always be fair for students.

Apps for Mobile Phones

You can set up some smartphone apps because there are several issues that can arise with a desktop or laptop, such as power outages, but a mobile phone can be accessed from anywhere, even if there is no power, and students can still attend classes.

Avoid Using White-Boards

Whiteboard is understandable for those taking a class on campus, but it can be frustrating for those taking a class online because the classroom cameras may not be able to clearly catch what is on the whiteboard for online students. As a result, most classes must forego the use of a physical whiteboard in favor of a digital one in order for all audiences to understand.

Every Pupil, Whether Online or in Person, Should be Treated With Respect By the Instructor

Nowadays, everybody has a dilemma of their own. Since the pandemic altered everyone’s financial and personal lives. As a result, every teacher must consider each student’s motivation. An instructor may have arranged a quiz, but some students may be unable to participate due to a lack of electricity or another factor. As a result, the teacher should be lenient and inform students that if they are prepared, the quiz will be taken on another day, or ask students when they will take the quiz.

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